Light continues to stream through the darkness as the desire to spread God’s love and light to all people through these Mercy Ministries and organizations change many lives.

Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, Inc.

Is a home for the abandoned elderly. It provides physical care and rehabilitation, home life, medical care, spiritual nourishment, recreational activities and socialization, social service, end-of-life care, and burial services to the neglected lolos and lolas.

Grace To Be Born Maternity Home And Nursery

Is a halfway house for pregnant women in crisis who seek shelter and second chance at life, and an orphanage for the children who are not taken home by their mothers.

Jesus Christ Cares For Cancer, Inc.

Was founded to give moral, spiritual, and financial support to indigents suffering from cancer.

He Cares Missions

Is a center that takes care of street children, offering five programs that cater to the children ‘s spirituality, health, family, life, education, and livelihood.

Pag-Asa Ng Pamilya Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Grants scholarships to various poor and persevering students. Aside from providing financial assistance, the foundation organizes motivational seminars for the scholars to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Jeremiah Foundation

To provide the home-parental care and environment needed by the girls while equipping them with knowledge, abilities and skills and other opportunities for self-awareness and self-transformation through various exposures and experiences, until eventually they seek their rightful place in our society and community.

Shepherd’s Voice Radio And Television Foundation Inc.


Is the media arm of Bo Sanchez ministries, spreading the light of Jesus through TV, Radio and the Internet. Among its many programs, SVRTV produces FeastTV, the radio program Gabay sa Bibliya sa Radyo over Radyo Veritas 846, and handles the annual Feast Conference

Healthcare Assistance For Indigents And Lepers Of Mary

(HAIL Mary)

Is a Christ-centered ministry of volunteers reaching out to, and being blessed by, lepers and other indigent peopleof Abra. H.A.I.L. Mary of Abra provides proper healthcare services, medicine, and medical supplies to Abra’s lepers, indigenous Tingguians, and other financially poor people.

The Prison Ministry

Goes to the Correctional Institution for Women every second Saturday of the month to minister to the spiritual as well as some basic needs of the inmates , like toiletries and snack items. They also share a compassionate presence to inmates who do not have visitors.

LOJ Pastoral Care

Is a ministry of compassion, encouragement and transformation. Our pastoral carers listen, empathize, journey, and empower their clients to make Godly decisions in their lives.