Your Love Creates Hope

Thank you so much for all the donors that keeps on supporting our Mercy Ministries’ Love Kits campaign. Because of your love, we are able to give hope to the 31 beneficiaries of Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer patients.

Inside the love kit are bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and alcohol worth P500.00. This kit will sustain one beneficiary for 2 weeks. Whatever they will save from toiletries budget will be allocated to their food and medicines budget instead.

We included as well the hygiene kits donated by Mercury Drug Foundation and canned goods donated by Del Monte to their package. Let’s continue the cycle of generosity through Love Kits Campaign.

To donate, go to

Also, we extend our gratitude to Del Monte Philippines for sending canned goods to Feast Mercy Ministries. Your love and support helped our beneficiaries!

We distributed the donation to the following foundations:

Anawim Lay Missions;

our home for the abandoned elderly

Grace to be Born; our shelter for the pregnant women in crisis


Grace to be Born; our shelter for the pregnant women in crisis


HAIL Mary of Abra; an institution

reaching out to lepers, cancer patients, and

other indigent people of Abra.

Jeremiah Foundation; our home for

the sexually abused girls

He Cares Mission; our shelter for the

street children.

Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer patients;

our foundation that offers financial support

to cancer patients who are experiencing

financial difficulties.