Any small act is still big in the eyes of God.

The foundations we are supporting are trying their best to manage the funds they have during this time.

As we study the expenses report of each mercy ministry, a big chunk of their budget goes to beneficiaries’ personal hygiene needs. Not only because these are their daily needs but also because would like to be cleaner and safer now in the midst of the virus threat.

This is why we are launching the Love Kit campaign to ask for your help.

Inside the love kit are bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and alcohol. This kit will sustain one beneficiary for 2 weeks.

Whatever they will save from toiletries budget will be allocated to their food and medicines budget instead.

We will send the kit to the following shelter and beneficiaries:

Grace to be Born – a shelter for pregnant women in crisis currently with nine (9) pregnant mothers and twenty two (22) infants
Jeremiah Foundation – a home for sexually abused teenagers with 12 young girls that need healing
Anawim Lay Missions – a home for the abandoned elderly with 76 lolas and lolos
H.A.I.L. Mary of Abra – an institution reaching out to lepers, cancer patients and other
indigent people of Abra.
Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer – our foundation that offers financial support to 34 cancer
patients who are experiencing financial difficulties.
LOJ Disaster Recovery Ministry – our disaster response team now reaching out to hundreds of families affected by the crisis.

For every bag you give is love that they receive. We always believe that God wants us to share what we have like what He said in Luke 3:10:11, “Whoever has two tunics should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise.”

Thank you for always still choosing to be kind, loving, and generous. The world is blessed by your big heart.

God bless you more.

Amount of the Kit : Php 500.00