Light of Jesus Pastoral Care part 2

Yes, We Care

Yes, We Care

THIS Ministry used to be called the Light of Jesus (LOJ) Counseling Center. “Counseling” means providing assistance and guidance in resolving problems and difficulties especially by a professional.

But the Ministry’s professionals do not simply “counsel.” They provide comfort and support—meaning, they care for the emotionally burdened.

So, the Ministry’s name was changed to the Light of Jesus Pastoral Care Center.

Yes, the mission of the Light of Jesus Pastoral Care is to “Care” for you as you walk through life!

So, instead of “counselors,” we have carers conducting Care Sessions—one on one sessions with those who come to us for help. Carers are available for live (face-to-face), or online chat, or audio call.

Need to Talk?

Here are the steps on how to set an online caring session with the LOJ Pastoral Care Center.

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Published by THE FEAST MERCY MINSTRY (July 9, 2023)