What Mothers and Babies Need

AS our special feature for March, being not only National but International Women’s Month, we continue with our series on Grace To Be Born,= The Feast Family’s partner beneficiary devoted to taking care of unwed pregnant mothers in crisis.

In the first of our series on Sunday, March 7, 2021, we presented the mission and vision of Grace.

In our second of the series, last Sunday, March 14, 2021, we focused on the challenges Grace faces amid the onslaught of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) and the subsequent Community Quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease.

Observing Quarantine protocols, Grace had to limit, if not totally prevent, visits to the shelter. Thus, hardly are there supporters who used to come with donations for the needs of the Ministry.

In this issue, we share the Ministry’s appeals for help as posted on its Facebook page…

Grace To Be Born is knocking on the hearts of generous people who can send to us support for our daily needs. We’re having a hard time going outside because of the enhanced community quarantine and due to the sensitivity of pregnant mothers… We pray you may help us.

No amount of talent or gift too small to be appreciated.

We focus on making girls or women and their babies feel the love of Jesus despite their life’s circumstances.

During an online interview with Grace social workers, The Feast Family got the Ministry’s list of needs:

Ceelin syrup, Cetaphil lotion, Mupirocin ointment Head and Shoulders shampoo (pink), BL cream, Feminine napkin, laundry bar soap, diaper, clean gloves, Tuna, sardines, biscuits, salt, garlic, onion Fruits, vegetables, fish; meat, egg beater/electric mixer Walis tambo, dust pan, vacuum cleaner, trash bag, Baygon, Lysol, slippers (sizes 7-10), fly paper, sponge, floor scrub.

To donate, call (+63) 26541377, (+63) 932 8880780, (+63) 932 8880781
or email gtbbofficial15@gmail.com.