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THE Light of Jesus Pastoral Care is a 24/7 Ministry. Any time of the day or night, you may tap its online website and someone is there to attend to you ready to listen and to provide support amid your difficulties.

One of the Mercy Ministries of our faith-based Community, Light of Jesus Family, the Light of Jesus Pastoral Care Center provides psycho-spiritual support to the emotionally burdened.

Co-founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez and Sis. Ditas Español, the Ministry provides comfort to those in need through face-to-face, one-on-one care sessions, plus 24/7 care via the telephone.

Messages of Hope

What are the messages of the LOJ Pastoral Care giving hope to those in need?

We learn about them through the talks of Dr. Michele Alignay, the director of LOJ Pastoral Care, for various groups.

Dr. Alignay’s secular work is practicing psychoeducation as a speaker, consultant, and resource person for seminars and trainings on family life and well-being.

In the process, she shares about the services of the LOJ Pastoral Care through her numerous edifying talks.

The LOJ Pastoral Care has lined up these major projects:

  1. Caring Church Workshops

This is training for Feast servants (in the Philippines and abroad) conducted by Dr. Michele Alignay, and Sis. Ditas Espanol, former director, plus a team of Pastoral Carers.

The whole day workshop trains Feast servants to understand mental health issues and psycho-emotional concerns of our brethren, and to learn the basic skills of psycho-spiritual support for others.

These skills include Listening, Empathy, Affirmation, Power Up, and Prayer.

  1. Webinars in June and July 2024. The topics for the webinars are
    • Relationship Boundaries
    • Revisiting Adult Self-Worth
    • Dealing with Grief
  2. Basic Pastoral Care

The Ministry will be opening classes by 2025.

In July 2023 the LOJ Pastoral Care Ministry celebrated a major event: its 30th Founding Anniversary. On its Facebook page, the Ministry posted:

“We had a small and special gathering to affirm our dedicated Pastoral Carers for what they have been doing for others. If you know a Pastoral Carer, or you’ve been cared for by them, say a special prayer for their well-being and mission.

Make the Pastoral Carers, the persons who care for you through our sessions, feel truly cared for and appreciated.”

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Connect with LOJ Pastoral Care

The LOJ Pastoral Care Center may be reached through the following:

o Scheduling of sessions may be reached through Facebook Messenger

  • We provide the following services:
    • Care Sessions’ – One-on-one session with a Volunteer (scheduled online chat or audio call)
    • Prayer or Intercessions – prayer requests may be sent via messenger (
    • Group Sessions – special learning sessions

Operational Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8AM to 10PM (Manila Time)

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This story was first published in the Feast Family Online News Magazine.

Published by THE FEAST MERCY MINSTRY (March 31 , 2024)