Show your love for babies in need.

Make your payday count by being part of the mission of saving the unborn. Help Grace to be Born in their daily expenses through sponsoring 1 baby for their diaper need in 1 month.

When we studied the daily operational expenses of Grace to be Born, we found out that we spend most on food, checkups of moms and babies, and yes, diapers. Will you help us raise funds or raise actual diapers for our babies? This will help us allocate our other resources to their other essential needs, and thus, help the overall operations of Grace to be Born.

Right now, we are serving 28 babies. And 5 more are on the way.   The average expense of diapers is Php 33,800 monthly. That means that we are spending Php 1,200.00 of diapers per baby per month.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.