Opening Blessings Doors


I AM a nurse at Grace To Be Born. I take care of the young pregnant mothers and the babies– yes, babies blessed to have the grace to be born.

I am grateful to be able to serve those in need, as I consider this a mission, my way of paying forward blessings I’ve received, especially since I once also was in need.

Before I found this regular job as a nurse for Grace, my family hadn’t had much– to say the least. My father Danilo was a padyak driver– that is, he was manually driving a sidecar attached to a bicycle, laboriously made to run by pressing on the pedal or stamping with the feet— the translation of the Filipino word padyak.

My mother Brigida doesn’t work because she stays home to take care of my two younger brothers.

Oftentimes, we lacked money for our needs—which actually was the way I experienced God early in my life. Desperate amid our scarcity, my family and I would just pray to God, and blessing after blessing would come, helping us to survive the day.

Relatives kindly gave my parents money for our school tuition– even if we didn’t ask for it.

There were times I would come home from school hungry– but there was no food on the table. And I would just cry. But there were days when neighbors would knock on our door and share some food with us.

By the way, my father’s sideline was raising roosters for cockfighting and so, when the roosters they bought from him won, his clients kindly shared with us a portion of their wins.

So, when we had money to buy at least one dish, my parents would divide the dish into five. We would just choose which part of the ulam we get—soup, vegetables, or meat. What mattered was that we could all eat.

New Door

In 2012, a new door opened for me. That year, I earned a degree in Nursing at PHINMA-University of Pangasinan. I took the board exam in 2013, passed it, and finally got my Nursing license.

And my life turned for the better. Actually, I learned about Grace To Be Born from my aunt, Tita Ivy Sampang. She was a medical technician at the laboratory clinic where Grace’s beneficiaries went for their regular medical exam.

And so, in November, of the same year I got my license, I applied to be a nurse at Grace, and by God’s Perfect Timing, Grace welcomed me.

As it serves women in crisis, Grace To Be Born also evangelizes the mothers, leading them to a renewed life with Jesus. Thus, during the Catholic New Evangelization Awards in 2019, Grace To Be Born received the Saint John Paul II Award, in recognition of the organization’s active service for the promotion, celebration, and defense of family and life.

Above, here is Sis. Ester Palacio, Grace director, as she receives the Award certificate, and with me, happily holding the trophy for her.

Opening Doors for God’s People

Yes, I feel so blessed to be part of Grace, allowing me to pay forward my blessings to the mothers and the babies of Grace.

Above, here I am during my duty hours.

And a bonus I’m deeply grateful for is that I am now able to provide for my family. And now, I’m able to buy the things I want and the food I want.

Here I am with my family, from left: my mother Brigida; youngest brother Jayson; yours truly; brother Darren, and father Danilo. Sadly, my father passed on in 2020.

Yes, my family and I would just pray and God’s rescue would come knocking on our door. That’s why my life verse is Matthew 7:7:

“Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened unto you.”

Now, humbly, I’ve been blessed to be God’s instrument in opening doors

for His people seeking His grace. My life is a great manifestation of God’s love— that He is reachable and He is the One who reaches out first to His children.