Learning Respect for Life


LIFE is a mix of ups and downs. I guess not a few will agree with me that this is the reality in this, our transitory world.

I know because I’ve had my share of trials and triumphs.

One trial: I once worked as a lady guard in a grocery store and I lost that job.

One triumph: I am now regularly employed as a caregiver in Grace To Be Born.

And Grace is not simply a job for me. It is a priceless blessing as it is a Ministry– serving God and serving His people—the mothers and babies of Grace.

So, I am deeply grateful that I found out about Grace To Be Born.

A sister-in-law of mine happened to be a friend of Sis. Anna Marie Alianza, a house mother in Grace.

Sis. Anna introduced me to the Ministry and I started as a volunteer caregiver in 2019.

Here is Sis. Anna with me in Grace.

I became a regular employee in Grace as caregiver in June 2020.

Graces in Grace

Working in Grace To Be Born is among my triumphs—a number of graces, indeed.

First, serving even just one young mother and her baby is pure joy for me. They’ve well inspired me to be a better caregiver for them.

This year, I enrolled in a caregiving training course to improve my skills to serve the mothers and children the best way I could.

To help them realize and appreciate what’s posted on this Grace wall– God’s Word in Psalm 139:14:

You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Second, I’ve found friends among the Grace family of dynamic, devoted servants, led by our executive director, Sis. Ester Palacio.

Here I am with her during a Grace Christmas. And below, here I am with co-servants– house mother Anna Marie Alianza (center), and caregiver Anna Ojero (right).

Spiritual Nourishment

Third, priceless is the daily spiritual nourishment I have received since we attend Holy Mass, The Feast, the prayer gathering of our Light of Jesus Family, and pastoral care by our spiritual advisers.

Burdens of my life trials have become light as I take in the Word of God day by day, assuring me of His unconditional love.

Family Treasure

Fourth, a treasure, is my regular income as a Grace employee which has helped me provide for my family.

Here I am with my love, Ariel, and our daughters Jeddah, our eldest, and Dahcheriel, youngest.

I dream to own a business someday, having our own house, and that our children may have college education.

Yes, I dare to dream since at Grace To Be Born, I have imbibed this inspiring promise in Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.”

Yes, not every day is a struggle. There will be a day that you’ll be happy— reaching your hopes and dreams.