Journey to Caring

THE Light of Jesus Pastoral Care Center ministers to the emotionally wounded.     Yes care – not simply to counsel or give advice.

So, instead of “counselors,” we have carers conducting Care Sessions—one on one sessions with those who come to us for help. Carers are available for live (face-to-face), or online chat, audio call, or even 24/7 phone call.

One of our carers is Sis. Gladys, going through a journey that clearly has been Divine Design.

Finding Light of Jesus

First, Sis. Gladys was employed at the National Computer Center (NCC), now called Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

It happened that Sis. Gladys’s co-employee in NCC was Tina, sister of our LOJ founder, Bro. Bo Sanchez.

Tina then led a prayer group at NCC. Sis. Gladys was invited to join the LOJ prayer group. She joined in 1991, and a few months after, she was already training to become a servant of LOJ.

Sis. Gladys became a part of the LOJ Singles group conducting prayer meetings in offices. In time, Sis. Gladys moved to an office in Makati. So, she continued her ministry in Makati offices as well. She also attended the Cubao chapter of the Singles group that time.

Pastoral Caring

Second, as a servant, Sis. Gladys also became part of a Caring Group, the equivalent of what we now call the Light Group.

Her group head, Lalyn Trio, joined the then LOJ Counseling Center first, now the LOJ Pastoral Care Center, then she invited the rest of the members, including Sis. Gladys, to also join the Ministry.

In 1998, Sis. Gladys took a sabbatical from work and began to freelance as Information Technology (IT) consultant. As a freelancer, she’s been able to have more time for her service for LOJ. She became part of the LOJ Counseling Center Training Batch 6 in 1999.

After the training, Sis Gladys went through an on-the-job training and then was let loose in the service.

Before the Coronavirus Disease (COVID) Pandemic, Sis Gladys was serving at the Pastoral Care Center office on the night shift thrice a week.

When the COVID crisis hit, lockdowns or quarantines were imposed to prevent the spread of the disease. So, the Ministry began to serve online and continues to do so as the Pandemic goes on to this day.

Today, Sis Gladys works on her projects to earn a living. But she reserves her Saturdays to serve those who come for help in the LOJ Pastoral Care Center.

Need to Talk?

Here are the links to set an online caring session with the LOJ Pastoral Care Center.

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Published by THE FEAST MERCY MINSTRY (July 9, 2023)