It’s the birthday month of our humble and loving founder,

Bro. Bo Sanchez!

So here’s a birthday treat

“It’s my birthday! Come and celebrate with me, but before that let me tell you a story.

During the pandemic, people would send me photos of my book. What they do is open the book and take photos of certain lines, or stories, you know something circled sentences and then they tell me it was so powerful that it changed their life. I would get it every single day, it’s just amazing.

Now, why am I sharing this to you? Because on my birthday week, I want you to get my books from our online book store so you’re going to bless your life, experience God’s presence and praying for that, and not only that, we’re going to donate P20 pesos per book to one of our Mercy Ministries, Anawim, a home for the abandoned elderly. The lolos and the lolas who were abandoned by their own families. On the streets we pick them up and give a beautiful loving home and they stay with us until God calls them to heaven.

And so my dear friends, celebrate my birthday through grabbing my book, while you are blessing yourself and your families, you know that you are helping the poorest of the poor through Anawim. Be blessed and be a blesser! Visit