How God So Loves Me

“For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son; that whosoever believes in Him, may not perish, but may have everlasting life.”

—John 3:16

I LEARNED about this Bible verse in Grace To Be Born— part of the spiritual nourishment this Ministry has kindly made sure I have enough of.

Just call me Hannah. I write this brief sharing to testify that indeed, God so loves me.

My family isn’t perfect— we struggle to survive day after day. And we’ve been able to get by because there have been people who have been willing and committed to helping us. And I’ve felt God’s love through them.

First, to help my parents, an aunt took me unto her fold. So, I lived in her house all my growing up years.

Second, I received a scholarship grant from the Onesimo Bulilit Foundation, a non-profit non-government prevention program, helping street children and their families at risk.

Onesimo helped me study through the Alternative Learning System which provides practical options for those who cannot afford formal education. You learn life skills that will enable you to earn a livelihood as if you have complete basic education. Onesimo also helped my family, particularly by involving my parents in adult skills training and parenting programs that have enhanced our family life.

Third, Onesimo referred me to Grace To Be Born. Here in Grace, I am learning so much.

I am learning to be helpful to others. I am learning to pray daily. I am learning to be strong in the midst of my personal struggles. I am learning to be patient as a mother to my child and to take care of him. I am learning to love—just like how the Father loves.

— As told to Cybill P. Bayto