ANAWIM YEAR 27: A Thanksgiving Song

Part 3

YES, Anawim Lay Missions (ALMS) Foundation Inc. which built and sustains the Anawim Home for Abandoned Elderly is now 27 years old.

Our founder, Bro. Bo Sanchez, named the Home from the Hebrew word anawim, meaning the poor ones. Yes, the Home for Abandoned Elderly is for the poor ones. But now, you can call them poor once.

A new Anawim hymn composed by Bro. Willie Aguirre, devote d leader of the Anawim Music Ministry, best describes Anawim and the anawim once, today. The song is in Tagalog, but we took the liberty of translating it in Tagalog for our non-Tagalog readers and viewers.

Ang Tahanan Naming Anawim– Our Anawim Home

Liblib na pook ng kabundukan

Remote place on a mountain

May naitayong isang tahanan 

A Home was built. 

Tinipon ng Diyos lahat ng may kapansanan 

Where God gathered   those who are sick.             

Mayroon kaming kuwento sa inyo We have a story for you  

Tungkol sa munting paraiso   

About a little peradise

Ng Maykapal, isang regalo

From the Lord, a gift

Sa pamamagitan ni Bro. Bo Through Bro. Bo

Ang layunin ng lahat na ito

The aim of this Isang kawanggawang makatao

A humane charity Kinukupkop mga lola’t lolo Taking care of the elderly At kapus-palad sa mundo The destitute in the world.

Kay ganda ng pook naming                   

Bigay ng Maykapal                               

para sa aming mahihirap                        

How beautiful is our place

Given by God for us

Called the poor ones

Kahit dukha’y minamahal ng Diyos

Even the destitute is loved by God

Sa hirap laging nakararaos . Always overcoming hardship Pangarap ni Bro. Bo dito ibinuhos.

Bro. Bo’s dream poured into this place

Dahil sa Diyos na Siya’ng may utos.

For the Lord, who commanded it.

Song by Wilfredo B. Aguirre Sr.

Photos: Anawim house and façade by Great Image

Bro. Bo blessed by lola, from Anawim Facebook

Bro. Bo being held by lola, from Light of Jesus Library Lolas action song by Ed L. Santiago

Mountain on the road to Anawim by cus