I AM a regular employee of the Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, serving as kitchen staff at our Anawim Home for Abandoned Elderly.

Here, I am blessed to share my Anawim story.

Before I found out about Anawim,

I lived with my family in a farm, planting and harvesting rice. I was able to go

to elementary school and after I graduated, I survived by peddling vegetables.

I came to know about Anawim through my grandmother, Lola Francisca.

She happened to be acquainted with Helen Felix, a cousin of Trinidad Mangahas, then Directress of Anawim.

Ms. Helen brought me to Anawim with her and that’s when I met Ms. Trinidad, Tita Neneng to all of us.

Tita Neneng asked me if I wanted to help in the Anawim kitchen. I said yes— mainly because Anawim Home is located near my house. So, I could work and still be with my family.

I started in the Anawim kitchen just slicing vegetables, whatever else, until eventually, I learned to cook.

Then, I became a regular employee at Anawim. That was in 1997 and until now, I’m still here as a kitchen point person.

I’ve stayed in Anawim because here, I’ve received blessings after blessings.

Financial Stability

First, of course, with my regular salary as Anawim employee, I’ve been able to help my parents with our day-to-day expenses. Great blessing, I was able to send my siblings to school.

My Own Family

In time, I met and married the love of my life, Rodrigo Landoy, and we’ve been blessed with two children. Here we are, from left:

Rodrigo; daughter Stephany, a Grade 12 student; yours truly; and son Bryan, now in second year college.

With my Anawim income, I’ve been able to help Rodrigo fend off for our family.

My Anawim

Next to my own family, I cherish being with my Anawim family—my co-employees, and with them, serving our dearest elderly. I have simply fallen in love with our lolos and lolas.

Best of all, in Anawim, I learned how to pray. To this day,

I have a spirit-nourishing relationship with the Lord and a loving devotion to Mama Mary.

Be humble; love your neighbors; and share what you have.

These are life lessons I’ve lived by since I’ve become a part of Anawim.

Now, I am able to share with my family what I have been learning in serving God and my neighbors —the lolos and lolas. I am deeply grateful.

Published by THE FEAST MERCY MINSTRY (March 26, 2023)